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Steel Profile

■ Full Data
Wing plate steel/Flat-bulb/Channel/ H-beam/I-beam steel

Product Materials Standard Specification Size
Hot rolled wing plate steel Q235A/B,Q345A/B Q/LYS196-2008 (GB/T 700 ,GB/T1591) 8~14 6000~9000 10000~12500
Hull bulb flat steel CCSA,AB/A,KRA,KA,GL-A,RINA-A,NVA,BVA,LRA Every country standard 12~22# 120~220
Carbon structural steel hot rolled steel channel Q235A(thin-wall channel) GB/T706-2008 Q/LYS 144-2008 B7.5a,B7.5b,10B12.5,B15,B16 6m、7m、8m
Q215A/B, Q235A/B GB/T706-2008 GB/T700-2006 6.3、8、10、12、14a、16a、20 6m、7m、8m
Q345A/B GB/T1591-2009
SS400 JIS G3101
Hot rolled steel channel Q235A/B/C Q345A/B/C GB/T706-2008 Q/LYS183-2008 [16-[40 6m-18m(12m is more)
Forklift with hot rolling door frame channel steel HRB335 20MnSiV Q420C YBT4237-2010 14#、16#、18#、22# 6m-12m(12m is more)

Product Materials Delivery size Standard
Hot rolled H-beam Q235A/B/C/D Q345A/B/C/D/E *SS400 *SN490A*SM490A *SM490YA *SS490 *SN490B Hot rolled 6m-18m GB/T11263-2010 JSI3192-2005
Specification HW00×100-400×400 HN150×75-900×300 HM150×100-600×300
Used in Hot rolled electrified railway H-beam Q235A/B/C/D Q345A/B/C/D Hot rolled 6m-18m YBT4238-2010
Specification 240×240、260×260、270×248、280×280、300×300 、310×288
ASTM H-Beam GR50 Hot rolled 6m-18m ASTM A6/A 6M Q/LYS252-2007
Specification W12×16 W12×19 W12×22
Hot-rolled H-beam steel for offshore oil platforms SM490YB Hot rolled 6m-18m JIS G3106-2004 LGJX 22-2006 Q/LYS243-2007
Specification HW00×100-400×400 HN150×75-900×300 HM150×100-600×300
Hot-rolled H-beam steel for automobile frames LG510LH Hot rolled 6m-18m Q/LYS250-2007 LGJX13-2008
Specification 470*150、482*153、446*150、504*153、492*150
Hot rolled I-Beam Q235A/B/C Q345A/B/C Hot rolled 6m-18m GB/T706-88 Q/LYS182-2008
Specification I16-63 I16q-I28q
hot-rolled Trailer axle tubes and weathering H-beam Q345A/B Hot rolled LGJX02-2005、LGJX04-2009
Specification G150*75
Hot-rolled H-beam (European standard) S275JR/J0/J2 S235JR/J0/J2 S355JR/J0/J2 Hot rolled EN10025 EN10034
Specification IPE200-500 IPE100-500
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