Material processing capabilities and services
offer a total steel supply together with a full material processing service. The major benefit to you is a "one stop shop" for all your steel requirements, specific application., representing considerable savings in terms of time, cost and material management. Services available include: can rolling, profiling, cutting(Laser cutting, Oxy-fuel cutting, Plasma cutting, Shearing, Sawing, Forming.). Drilling, Milling, Chamfering, Bending, Tee splitting, Shot blasting, Painting and Heat treatment. Cutting parts are mainly used in heavy machinery equipment, such as shipbuilding, textiles, mining machinery, machine tools, forging, power generation equipment, metallurgical machinery manufacturing and other fields.

1.Steel plates pretreatment( derusting and spraying) products lines

♦  Processing speed: 4000mm/min         ♦  corrosion degree: A,B
♦  Processing width:1000-3000mm         ♦  derusting degree: GB892-88A-BSa3.0
♦  Processing thickness: 6-55mm            ♦  film thickness: 15-30um

2. CNC flame cutting machines

♦  Cutting speed: 100-350mm/min               ♦  diagonal error: +-0.5mm (2500*1500)
♦  maximum cutting width:6000mm              ♦   side length error: +-0.6mm(1500*1180)
♦  maximum cutting length: 28000mm         ♦  radius error: 0.6mm (7.9-550)
♦  Maximum cutting thickness:150mm         ♦  repeatability precision: +-0.3mm

3. plate uncoiling leveling

♦  Coils thickness: 1.2mm-20mm
♦  Coils width: 1200mm-2150mm
♦  shearing length: 2000mm-12000mm
♦  shearing precision :
length: 2000mm-6000mm,<+- 2mm
             6001mm-12000mm,< +- 4mm
Diagonal: 2000mm-6000mm,< +-3mm
                   6001mm-12000mm,< +-5mm

4. Large plate shearing machine
♦  Maximum shearing width: 2500mm
♦  Maximum shearing thickness: 25mm
♦  Shear strength: 450KN/mm2

5.Groove Machine
♦  Cutting speed: 0-3500mm/min
♦  Groove roughness : 25(^3)

6. Copying cutting machine
♦ Cutting speed: 0-3500mm/min
♦  Moving precision: 0.01mm/step
♦  Cutting thickness: 5-200mm
♦  Cuts roughness: 25(^3)

Our staff is experienced in working with all types of metals and will provide you with metal products that meet your exact specifications. We can process quantities from short runs to full production runs. Whether you need a custom length for a tube component in your end product, or a custom sized steel plate for a stamping operation, we can provide you with the particular steel you need.

Processing with supplied drawings