The Resplendent Steel Plate and Soaring Steel Factories Wait to See Appreciating the Prices of Steel


Steel saw foreigners “vacant expressions when they translate the word” the prehistorical powers’. I smiled. If you understood the this word, I would have known steel market. So I was also at loss when I saw this word.

Steel plate
s are resplendent again. The upward of steel prices this week are more than last week. This week, the prices both black series futures and steel plate appreciate in value. Under the influence of superposition of environmental publicity effect, steel prices rise unceasingly. The mid week, futures steel price decrease, which hits the market confidence in some extent and increases the sentiment of waiting and seeing. Partial offers falls down. But the steel plates price rises against the market, the double steel factories increase the price widely. These measures firm the steel temporary prospects and are helpful to offers.

Steel plates are resplendent and the prices have risen for 8 days subsequently amount to increase 200 yuan each ton until yesterday. Especially this week, several rises every day. Steel plate prices reach 2100 yuan totteringly last week. Nobody could predict steel plate prices reach 2200 yuan without difficulty and soar 2300 level. Cause analysis, firstly, iron ore and coke price rise, the cost of steel plates increase evidently. Secondly, steel plate stocks reduce and are reluctant to sell out widely lead to unceasing production enthusiasm and demands. Of course, the steel plates link to the steel price. Under the effect of rising steel price, the steel plate price increase without much pressure. Late to see, owing to the steel plate upward tendency recently and stocks augment, the high price will fall down. And merchants are likely to reduce price sale based on profits former. But along with the intensive demands prospects, demands could not be a block of rising price. Predicting that steel prices fall down transitorily and still run better. Other materials are also under the influence of environment and the main trend is much better.

Steel plate and futures steel deviations are one of focus this week. Although the steel plate price strength this week drive the whole steel market development, futures steel decline still let people nervous and stifle the price rising as far as the influence of steel futures this year. Affected by trading, futures screw market quotation is different to orient due to the spots, trade, fund and other elements. But those days futures are premium rather spots, so the price of steel rate decrease slightly.