Tang Eng of Taiwan will Increase Stainless Steel Price in June


Tang Eng Iron Works, one of the major stainless steel producers in Taiwan, said that the company would keep up with Yusco’s step and increase its stainless steel price in June.

As to the new price announcement, they decided to raise the price for 300 series stainless steel hot rolled products by 8,000 TWD per tonne, 300 series stainless steel cold rolled products for 9,000 TWD per tonne. They will also raise the price of 201 stainless steel HR products by 1,000 TWD per tonne and 201 stainless CR products by 1,100 TWD per tonne.

At the same time, 20 stainless steel HR products are raised by 4,000 TWD per tonne and CR products by 4,500 TWD per tonne. The main reason is the raising of nickel in LME.