Successfully Delivered to the User Double Linkage CNC Plate Bending Machine


By the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, eight homes Sony plant developed large tonnage of 3.200 tons(16 meters)successfully delivered to the user double linkage CNC plate bending machine, which not only broke the plant since the plant developed CNC bending machine records but also marks an important breakthrough in large-scale enterprises to obtain equipment manufacturing.

Large tonnage bending machine is the key equipment more than 16 mm thick plate bending forming in the oil pipeline production, steel production and large-scale structure of military special vehicle manufacturers have a wide range of applications. Currently, only a handful of large domestic enterprises with large-tonnage bending machine production capacity.

The plant development and production of large tonnage double linkage CNC bending machine, using the current popular CNC operating system, to achieve a full touch-screen operation and three-dimensional graphics programming in English menu; while bending machine equipped with special hydraulic control systems, grating, multi-axis back gauge control, scrambling degree compensation devices, effectively ensuring the bending accuracy. It is reported that bending parallel twin machine CNC plate bending machine can be controlled within 2 mm, 90 -degree bend angle error is less than 20 points. The machine will be used in subsequent manufacturing aerospace ground equipment.