Japanese Stainless Steel Production Plunged 17% on 14th November


According to the latest government data, the Japanese stainless steel production declined sharply during November last year.

As per data, Japan’s total stainless steel production during November was 219,621 tons, which is down by 17.5% when compared with the output of previous month. The country’s stainless steel production during October last year had totaled 266,207 tons. Also, the stainless steel production during 14th November was down 4.6% year-on-year.

Out of the 258,672 tons, chromium-based stainless steel output totaled 113,574 tons, nearly 52% of the total output. The monthly output of chromium-based stainless steel declined by 13.0% in comparison with last month.

Nickel-based stainless steel output constituted the balance 106,047 tons, accounting for 48% of the total. The monthly output of nickel-based stainless steel plummeted by 21.8% in comparison with last month.

The country’s stock of stainless steel products declined by 11.7% from the prior month to 114,951 tons in November. Other Special purpose steel inventory totaled 5,205 tons, surging higher by 32.8% over the previous month.