Japanese Stainless Steel Export Surged in March


According to the latest data released by the Japanese Ministry of Finance (MOF), the stainless steel export surged in March, 2015, compared with the export in February, 2015.

The country’s stainless steel export had totaled 89,091 tons in February, 2015 and 111,096 tons in March, 2005, 24.7% higher than that in February, 2015.

The largest export destination of Japanese stainless steel was China with 24,043 tons, constituting more than one-fifth of the total stainless steel export in March. The export increased by 41.3% when compared with the export of February 2015. The second export was South Korea with 21,199 tons, which increased by 11.4% month-on-month. The third largest was Taiwan, which was 13,064 tons, increasing by 20.7% over the previous month.

The average export price of stainless steel from Japanese in March was $3,423 per ton, falling by 6.7%, compared with the previous month. The export of stainless steel generated total revenue of $380.23 million in March.