EU Renews Duties on Steel Tubes from Russia, China and Belarus


In order to protect producers like ArcelorMittal and Tata Steel from unfair competition, the European Commission renewed duties on certain types of welded steel tubes and pipes from Russia, Belarus and China on Tuesday.

However, it decided not to re-impose tariffs against imports of the same products from Ukraine, for the country's limited capacity to produce more of the product concerned.

In an official notice, the Commission and the EU executive, said they would impose tariffs of 90.6 percent on Chinese exports of the products, 38.1 percent on Belarus exports and 20.5 percent on Russian exports.

It qualified, however, that Russian steelmaker TMK would face duties of 16.8 percent while its rival OMK would face duties of 10.1 percent. The duties on the countries, including Ukraine, were originally imposed in 2008.

"The (EU tube and pipe) industry is still in a very fragile situation. Exporters in each of the three countries have the spare capacity to increase their exports rapidly," the Commission said in the official journal.

It concluded from a year-long investigation that such a scenario would be likely if the anti-dumping measures against Russia, Belarus and China, but not against Ukraine, were allowed to lapse.

The Commission said that thanks to its duties, imports from the three countries fell 60 percent from around 7,000 tonnes in 2010 to around 2,900 tonnes in September 2013.

It reaches 1.3 percent of the EU market for welded tubes and pipes in 2010, versus 0.7 percent in September 2013.