09CuCrNi Corten Steel Supplier


09CuCrNi Corten Steel is a kind of Weathering Resistant Steel, which is one of the main steel products of Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co., Ltd.

Chemical Component:
C:0.06 Si:0.57 Mn:0.74 P:0.018 S:0.013 Ni:0.71 Cr:0.53 Mo:0.01 V:0.01 Cu:0.46 (%)

The Corten Steel is mainly used in the flue gas containing sulphur, air pre-heater, economizer, around the acid dew point, for the cryogenic weathering steel is good for the corrosion resistance at low temperature.

Corten Steel is corrosion resistant, which can be used on the architectural appearance instead of painting. Once the film rust forms, it will be corrosion resistant for 80 years whithout painting.