Japan Customers Visited for SS400 Galvanized Steel Profiles Order

On 19th Jan, 2016, Japan customers came to visit us, Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co., Ltd. for a new order of SS400 galvanized steel profiles, including H beam, angle steel, C beam, U beam and flat bar.

These SS400 galvanized steel profiles will be used for the construction of solar structure in Japan. Quality and service are main concerns for customers, which is also our company, Anyang Jin Chao Yang materials Co. cares about. Since got inquiry, we have paid much attention to customers’ requirement. For H beam, angle steel, C beam, U beam and flat bar, they have different standards between China and Japan.

Before customers came, we have talked a lot about the order already. First, we showed every item’s drawing to them, just to make sure what we offer is the same as their needs. Second, double checked with the factory about the galvanizing thickness, as the weight of galvanizing forH beam, angle steel, C beam, U beam and flat bar, Japan customers required is not common used in China. Another point is C beam. At the beginning, customers doubted that we couldn’t meet their needs and produced the same C beam. We sent them some pictures and videos taken from factory. They could see clearly how the factory produce C beam and how C beam is galvanized. After that, customers decided to visit us.

During this visit, Japan customers stayed two days with us but just took 15 mins to look around in factory. They even didn’t check every procedure and finished ahead of time. They were amazed we could produce such good-quality products. Customers said they would purchase all the amount for SS400 galvanized H beam, angle steel, C beam, U beam and flat bar from us. There is not any doubt that they would build a long cooperation with Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co.. Moreover, they will visit us next month to see the items they ordered this time and also they would like to stay more days in China.