Another Client from Bangladesh Visited Us for 400MT MS Steel Plate

 At the very beginning of September, another client from Bangladesh visited Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co., Ltd for a new order of 400MT MS Steel Plate.

During the face to face meeting, we learned more about their company, and found that Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co., Ltd can supply the client with not only Steel Plate, but also Channel, Angle, H-beam, Steel Profiles, etc., which are largely demanded in their construction projects. The client was more satisfied with Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co., Ltd, as we can provide him one-stop purchase service. After a short discussion at the office, then we go to Anyang to visit the Steel Mill and the processing workshop.

The client was impressed by the mill’s big size. After visiting the mill, we discussed more about the details like quantity, delivery time, etc.. As the client required a short delivery time 400MT MS Steel Plate, we decided to deliver from our stocks in our warehouse to meet the client’s requests. Later, after the client returned to office, he will show us the exact sizes of 400MT MS Steel Plate and the detail quantity according to their designer’s working.

Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co., Ltd will come to a stable and long term cooperation with the client.